Fin Sciences makes fins for surfboards and standup paddleboards (SUP). Fin Sciences’ fins are different–our fins are based on solid, modern science–and they don’t look like dolphin fins that have dominated the market for 50 years. Our fins are so unique, they’re patented.

Doug, creator of the Wavegrinder fin


I’m Doug–I created the Wavegrinder fin for longboard and SUP, and have since designed shortboard fins too.

You don’t have to know much about surfing to know that most fins look like dolphin fins, and have been pretty much the same for 50 years. But during that time, hydrodynamics science has evolved. Why haven’t fins?

We see winglets and other features of our fins all over the place–like on boat keels, on airplane wings and tails, on race cars, on ships, and on submarines. From that point of view, there is nothing unusual about our fins–they make complete sense, and are completely normal. But they sure don’t look like they were designed by hand by a dude in the back of a VW bus in some remote surf spot! We used some of the most advanced foil sections available, then combined a bunch of other features designed to make these fins go fast and turn well. We hope you’ll give ‘em try–even though they look different!

FSI shortboard fin (symmetrical, size large)

FSI shortboard fin (symmetrical, size large)

FSI shortboard fin profile

FSI fins have a high aspect ratio–tall and thin

Wavegrinder longboard fin

Wavegrinder original longboard/SUP fin 9.25″ h x 30.54″ a